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December 1936 MurotoIndustrial Works, Co.,Ltd. founded in Hakusanmachi, Komatsu city by Kimatsu Muroto as a sole operator.
October 1945 Started manufacturing Muroto's proprietary marine engine (continued until 1955)
July 1952 Started producing parts for bulldozers and presses
July 1961 New factory built alongside Route 8 in Shiranemachi,Komatsu chity
October 1961 Certified as a designated factory for maintenance and sales of construction machinery of Komatsu Ltd.
December 1964 MUROTO INDUSTRIAL Works Co., Ltd. established with capital of 10 million yen
July 1967 New maintenance factory for construction machinery built
September 1968 Started intensive production of brake bands
November 1969 Completed extension of maintenance factory, parts warehouse, and business office, and enhanced the service system
July 1980 Second factory built in Dairyoumachi, Komatsu city
June 1981 Certified as designated factory for manufacturing important security parts for Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.
June 1982 Earned Komatsu Qualiry Control Award
March 1983 Approved for crane manufacturing
May 1984 Earned Encouragement Awards for New Product
Development from Ishikawa Prefecture
March 1985 Certified as technology promotion factory by Ishikawa prefecture
June 1986 Certified as designated factory for manufacturing important security parts for Sumitomo(S.H.I) Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
June 1988 Certified as designated factory for manufacturing important security parts for Kobe Steel, Ltd.
July 1988 "Komatsu Patio" showroom for construction machinery opened
October 1990 Headquarters and factory moved to Kushimachi, Komatsu city
October 1993 Changed name of construction machinery division to Komatsu Kaga
April 1996 Won Silver Prize in Ishikawa Brand Awards
October 1996 Certified as designated service shop for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles
August 2001 Started providing safety inspections for general cars and trucks
October 2002 Began selling to Hensley Industries, Inc. in U.S.A.
July 2004 Started rental business for nursing care goods
October 2004 Added KSP Co., Ltd. to MUROTO Group
July 2005 Sun Network Ishikawa Co., Ltd. founded
June 2006 The capital was increased to twenty million yen.
February 2008 Authorized Eco Stage
January 2014 Authorized JISHA (Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association)
June 2014 The capital was increased to forty million yen.
July 2014 Commet Co., Ltd founded